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viewers in the united states and around the the world to debate night in america. i'm wolf blitzer. we've seen two very different debates between these candidates so r far. one, polite, the other combative. we're soon going to find out if tonight's is fiery as the the last one as we count down to the first exchanges of the night, we'll bring you a one -on-one interview with bill clinton. he sat down with fareed zakari and fireded back on critic. >> president obama has not been antibusiness. the attack on him is just not quite fair. >> we're going to hear much more from former president clinton on the economy and foreign policy. right now, we're mobilizing the full resources of cnn for our debate coverage. let's bring in our colleague, anderson cooper. >> thanks very much. during the debate tonight, we are going to bring you the candidate's statement, obviously in realtime, and we're going to take a look at getting immediate reactions to see what they are saying from a focus group of undecided voters. their response is going to look like that on the bottom of your screen. lines going up
to go in and play defense. sometimes when you get into office, you're president of the united states, you are there to defend. let romney play offense all night. >> they have run a very good campaign thus far. i don't think president obama did what this campaign wanted him to do. let's not go overboard here. it will be like a big sort of push back. okay, fine. i understand. i'm saying, that in the same campaign, same guy that did this well leading up to it. my point is this. president obama came in to have a conversation. mitt romney came in with a chainsaw. trying to talk to a chainsaw. >> with all due respect -- no due respect. just say you what you have to say. >> fine. here is what i believe. president obama out on the campaign trail. run a good campaign, but speaking to the faithful and no one has challenged him. romney comes up and challenges him on every fact, every specific and most especially romney challenges him with facts and specifics on president obama's own record. did it very effectively. >> romney -- romney -- >> let's leave it there without due respect. this could b
right now. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. we're in the cnn election center for a come on hennive look at how paul ryan did in this debate. we're releasing the results of the poll of debate watchers. who won tonight? john berman continues to pore through the candidates' answers. erin burnett stands by. when they gave the candidates highest and lowest marks. we expected a lively debate and we got it. congressman ryan argued forcefully for changes in the program and said it will go bankrupt. and he said the president's health care reform plan makes things worse. >> look what obama care does. it takes $716 billion from medicare to spend on obama care. even their own chief actuary says you can't claim this goes to medicare and obama care and then they cut medicare each and every year in ways that will denied care for current seniors. this board, 15 people, the president will appoint them next year, and not one with medical training. they haven't put a credible solution on the table. he'll te
on this presidential election. we spent that much on halloween candy this year in the united states. >> how much of this do they pretest of what they will say in the debate. do they pretest a lot of lines these days? >> it depends on the nature of the campaign. the closer you get to the candidate and who he is, the less you test. some of this stuff you can test the sincerity and the strength right out of it. i would be surprised if for example the romney campaign, i can speak with that with the obama campaign if they were testing lines tonight, they tested speech concepts and things like that. for a debate like this, you don't focus group. >> a decision not to go after benghazi for governor romney for weeks, is that something? >> that's a decision you would do without a poll. no poll will tell you how to lead the country. >> not to go on the attack is a decision. maybe that is in regards to women voters, for example, to talk about education and on the president's part is talking about women voters. >> tonight it was to hug obama. why did he do that? a couple of reasons. you want to hug the oppon
the university of denver, watching all of this going on. he held his own with the president of the united states and for a republican challenger, facing an incumbent. that's pretty good. >> yeah, you know, if the first test of this kind of debate is can the challenger stand toe to toe with the sitting president, with the incumbent, certainly i think mitt romney looked as though, seemed as though he passed that test. it was a -- a pretty substantive debate. i don't know that we learned a lot knew, those of us watching this so closely, but the american people just now tuning in heard a lot. you have to wonder a little bit whether terms like dodd-frank, simpson-bowles, a little preknowledge about what those were, whether that went over some folks' heads. i think the two of them gave a clear indication of where they differ. i think you're right, certainly i think that plitt romney will be very claesed with the night. you look at the twitter verse, some democrats think the president seemed a little listless here. certainly when you think about it, mitt romney needed to come in here and make an impres
for the first time in this campaign. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world to debate night in america. i'm wolf blitzer. there's enormous pressure on president obama and governor romney right now. the biggest challenges facing the country are on the line as well as the outcome of this election. even the candidates' wives are feeling the stress. we have cnn exclusives tonight. brand new interviews with michelle obama and ann romney. the first lady shared her debate anxiety with our jessica yellin. >> i get so nervous at these debates and you know, i'm like one of those parents watching their kid on the balance beam. just standing there just trying not to, you know, have any expression at all. >> ann romney revealed to our gloria borger that she helped reassure her husband during past debates. >> and almost after every answer that he gives, he'll find me in the audience to see, was that good? was that okay? >> we're going to have much more on those interviews with michelle and ann as we count down to the debate. we're mobilizing the full resources of cnn for o
of the united states was the president of the united states tonight. he -- there are only two things i think people are looking for. and one is, are you a strong leader? are you on my side? he was clearly a strong leader tonight. he was passionate, focused, and i thought he went over the line, when romney went over the line and challenged his integrity, and the president said that's not who i am, that will go down as one of the great moments of the american debate. and beyond that, romney may have hurt himself with women. here, kwt be equal pay for equal work. he wants to figure out ways for moms to get home in time to cook dinner. that's not the right answer to that question. i'm sorry. the right answer is that america's government should be a partner to american mothers to make sure by law -- >> a quick response. >> i think -- i thought a lot of women in america saw a debate tonight where two hue school jocked didn't like each other very much and i'm not sure they are going to be turned on by this debate. as much as a love the the first debate, i thought this one was less. obama was angry,
of a united states ambassador, first time that's happened since 1979, when we have four americans killed there, when apparently we didn't know what happened, the president -- the day after that happened, flies to las vegas for a political fund-raiser, and the next day to colorado for another event. another political event. i think these -- these actions taken by a president and a leader have symbolic significance. and perhaps even material significance in that you hope during that time we could call in the people who were actually eyewitnesss, we've read accounts about what happened. it was very clear. this was not a demonstration. this was an attack by terrorists. and this calls into question the president's whole policy in the middle east. what's happening in syria egypt, now libya. consider the distance between ourselves and israel. the president said he would put daylight between discuss israel. we have iran, four years closer to a nuclear bomb. syria is not just the tragedy of 30,000 civilians being killed by a military, but also a strategy ic strategically significant player for america.
intend to win it as president of the united states. >> i got to move on. the next question is for you. >> i get the next answer. >> the next question is for you, so if you want to continue on. but i don't want to leave all these guys sitting here. >> candy, i don't have a policy of stopping wind jobs in iowa and they're not phantom jobs, i appreciate the jobs in iowa and colorado i appreciate the coal and oil and gas, i know that bringing back our energy policies will -- 3.5 million more jobs in this country. it's critical to our future. >> i'm used to be interrupted. >> i'm going to move you along to taxes. the next question comes from mary follano. >> governor romney, you have stated that when you're elected president you will work with the congress to eliminate deductions to make up for the loss in revenue. concerning these various deductions. the mortgage deduction. the charitable deductions. the child tax credit. and also the -- what that's that other credit, i forgot. >> you're doing great. >> the education credits which are important to me because i have children in college. wh
by their families, the vice president of the united states and the republican vice presidential nominee. a strong debate with clear differences on some of the most critical issues facing the american voter. involving taxes, medicare, abortion rights for women, the vice president came out swinging today. unlike president obama. he immediately raised the issue of romney's controversial 47%. and he also spoke aggressively about the president saving the american auto industry, gm and chrysler in particular, but there was a testy exchanges on medicare and so many other issues. it looks like -- looks like at least to me, pretty much of a draw as far as this debate is concerned. we'll have full reality checks from our john berman, tom foreman, going through the facts described today. who was telling more of the truth. who was fibbing a bit. going through all of that tonight. you also saw those focus group results at the bottom of the screen. who liked what they saw. these were independent voters in virginia, we're certainly going to hear from them. erin burnett is standing by. we'll hear if any of them
president of the united states to support and help this great nation. and to make sure we all together maintain america as the hope of the earth. thank you so much. >> gentlemen, thank you both so much. that brings an end to this year's debates. we want to thank lynn university and its students for having us. as i always do at the end of these debates, i leave you with the words of my mom, who said, go vote. makes you feel big and strong. good night. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. [ applause ] >>> a more civilized debate than the first debate. there were a few areas where they got into it, they fought over it. you can see the children up there, mitt romney's five sons, the wives, grandchildren are all there. standing on the stage for a few minutes. this was a debate where they wound up agreeing, basically in terms of the big picture agreeing on a lot, libya, syria, even on china, basically the thrust was one of agreement, even now at times they had little rhetorical flourishes against each other. it's going to be interesting to see what happens as far as the vote is concerne
in this debate. no ground for president of the united states of america to be lecturing anybody about budgeting. they failed in their duty to this country. >> one thing you said before this debate. joe biden has been debating since the 1800s, so he has boat loads of experience. dewin tonight? >> no, he didn't use the experience he has to be respectful, clear, and state your point, wait for your opponent. fact of the matter when it came to substance, he didn't win and when it came to style, joe biden completely failed. >> do you think the momentum changed? >> i think it stayed on our side. they got to see what joe biden and barack obama are all about. people didn't like what they saw. >> wolf, back to you. >> lots of friends over there. guys, thanks. team of producers, researchers and reporters have been very, very busy figuring out whether candidates were telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth in tonight's debate. john berman with a reality check on two of the international issues that came up, iran's quest for nuclear weapons and last month's dead al tack in libya. >> fo
this man, mitt romney, the next president of the united states. >> tonight, joe biden and paul ryan in their only vice presidential face off. >> we are going to give you a clear choice. >> he has a fundamentally different view. >> the vice president setting his sights on the romney ryan economic plan. >> we've seen this movie before. it ended in a catastrophe. >> the the congressman taking aim at the obama-biden white house record. >> you can turn on the tv and you can look at how the obama foreign policy is blowing up in our faces. >> the candidates know the debate stakes are higher after ryan's boss scored and biden's boss stumbled. now, c nnn's coverage. >> we will take responsibility and own up and get things dope. >> america's coming back! we're not going back! we're going forward! >> the nation is watching. voters want answers and america's future is up for debate. >>> this is danville, kentucky. the sight of tonight's debate. joe biden and paul ryan is getting ready for their only chance to compete face to face on the issues. we want to welcome our viewers in the united state
romney, debating challenges abroad -- >> and we'll remind the world why the united states of america is the greatest nation on earth. >> and challenges at home. >> i will keep america strong and our homes and our economy. >> the election is closer. the race is tighter. and america's future is up for debate. >>> this is hofstra university in hempstead, new york, the site of tonight's debate. the second go-round between president barack obama and former governor mitt romney could be more lively and more informative than the first. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world to "debate night in america." i'm wolf blitzer. the big question right now, will the president be more aggressive in taking on his opponent after what he calls a bad night on the debate stage two weeks ago? cnn's chief political correspondent candy crowley is the moderator tonight. it's a town hall-style debate, and uncommitted voters are in the audit members. some of them will get to ask the candidates questions about foreign and domestic policy. the candidates' wives will be in the aud
'm running for a second term as president of the united states. >> president barack obama there speaking in manchester, new hampshire. some familiar things coming out from all of the candidates now, of course. now, let's move on, meanwhile. a quarter of the population out of work. do you think unemployment is bad in this country? the threat of the new round of spending cuts looming. that is the reality in greece right now. in fact, unemployment among the youth, 50%. tens of thousands of greeks are furious about all of that. just listen. the demonstrators hitting the streets for a two-day strike protesting the european union bail-out terms that demand severe budget cuts. more budget cuts. the demonstration in athens, as is perhaps printable, turned violent at one stage. their protests, as you see, throwing bottles and firebombs. we see one there at police officers responding with tear gas. familiar -- sadly, familiar scenes. a 65-year-old man actually died after faint and having a thought that was a heart attack during the protest. well, today was the deadline for the greek government to
in the united states. we've confirmed, by the way, that nafis, 21 years old, was, indeed, a registered student at southeast missouri state university. briefly, we also know this. he bought what he thought was a half ton of explosives, fertilizer bomb. it wasn't. it was a phony bomb supplied by the fbi. now, what he wanted to do was blow up one of the federal reserve banks in his words, according to prosecutors, to destroy america. you'll hear from the police commissioner in a minute and his message of vigilance to new yorkers, but let's get you live to new york now. talk to our maggie lake, who is staying on top of this investigation as the details come in. maggie, an unbelievable story in in ways. an angry extremist buys a fake bomb. very serious stuff. police taking it seriously, that's for sure. how did they even find out about this guy? >> it is an extraordinary story, michael, and they found out because he reached out, as you mentioned. he came on a student visa. he was supposed to be studying in missouri, but he was most recently living in jamaica, queens. authorities believe he came wit
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)